How the Best Sales Leaders are Maximizing the New Market


Have your sales leadership tactics changed as much as the market has changed? If you lead a sales team, it’s time for a tactical check-up. Join some of the brightest sales leaders in the new home industry today for an intriguing and idea-packed hour that will help you reset your thinking and maximize your results.


Stop doing things out of the habits of markets past. Get into the now and plan the activities that will make you valuable in the future.

Join me and four of the industries greatest sales leaders to learn how to maximize the new market!


In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to quickly evaluate who is cut out for this market…and who is not.
  • The proper utilization of discounts, incentives, and price adjustments.
  • How to troubleshoot your toughest locations.
  • How to stay mentally strong while riding an emotional roller coaster.